On Sat, 2007-07-07 at 23:47 -0300, Geraldo Netto wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Actually while it is a nice idea,
> (afaik)there are some constraints
> ie:
> dillo does use gtk, so we would need x for dos(afaik it does exist) but also 
> gtk
> which afaik is not ported to dos and if so, only on protected mode anyway...
> is it?
> Kind Regards and Best wishes,
> Geraldo

Well, at least it will run in Redhat 6.2 which can be booted via
loadlin.  I think the developers are moving away from gtk.  

Isn't any app that uses a dos extender a protected mode app?

I would like to see it do frames and work with my Horde framework
seamlessly, but it impresses me that it runs smoothly at least on
my old DX2-66 system.

   Michael Robinson

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