Hi all, I uploaded a new tiny utility at


The tool is 1.3 kilobytes and needs VGA and a 386 or better,
simply because I was too lazy to support EGA or 8086. It is
public domain. Thanks to Mateusz Viste for the idea :-)

Note: It might be better to flash only the area around the
stuck pixel. A good way for that is www.killdeadpixel.com
which is a simple animated GIF. Because the gif also mixes
phases of the animation, the overall gif only looks flickery
dirty white, much less nausea inducing than RGBFLASH :-p.


RGBFLASH Public Domain software by Eric Auer 2007:
Displays flashy stuff which might wake up stuck TFT LCD pixels
Please do not look at the flashing for longer time!
It may help to (gently!) press the affected area, too.
Use RGBFLASH at your own risk. Needs VGA and 386 or better.
Hit any key to stop flashing.

Available flash patterns: Select by running 'RGBFLASH option'
R flashes between red and black
G flashes between green and black
B flashes between blue and black
K cycle through black, magenta, white, blue, red, yellow, cyan, green
M cycle through red, black, green, black, blue, black, random delays
S do random pick of red, green, blue, black, white each frame

Options k, m and s are inspired by killdeadpixel.com, Mateusz Viste
and http://sourceforge.net/projects/stucksweep respectively :-)

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