Hi all,

after a bug report from Mateusz, I fixed an error in
the way FDAPM calculates the "idle ...% of the time"
message idleness. In addition, I have added a new tool,
IDLEDPMS, which is a small but effective TSR screen
saver. For example you run "idledpms 15", the screen
saver stays in ram, and whenever you do not press a
key for 15 minutes or more, your screen is switched
off. Needs DPMS compliant screen and EGA, VGA or VESA
VBE compliant graphics card. Both RAM usage and disk
usage of IDLEDPMS are less than 1 kilobyte :-). While
Windows 3.x or a game with built-in keyboard IRQ
driver is active, the screen saver deactivates itself.

So far for the theory, please let me know if it works
with your version of Windows 3 and your games :-).
Timeout can be set anywhere between 1 and 60 minutes.



PS: You cannot change the timeout or unload idledpms
after you load it, it is too simple for that :-).

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