Hi Alain,

> > If HIMEMX is "FreeDOS HIMEM plus some bugfixes by Japheth": Yes.
> >
> > OTHERWISE I recommend to use JEMM386 (also on www.japheth.de)
> > which is an optimized and improved version of FreeDOS emm386.

> We (many people in this list) espent months testing himem and emm386
> from Michael Devore. Are those two just a bugfix from *that* well
> tested version or is it descendent from somewhere else?

Japheth did indeed improve himem yet more. He also modified defaults,
so it is more Win9x style than MS DOS style now - no problem if you
read the docs to know which options you want for your old games ;-).

You are right that the "public relations" are not as good as with
Michael Devore. Japheth keeps updating things, and his readme files
will tell you about the changes, but I cannot find an archive of old
versions (if you want to test which version introduced a problem)
and there are usually no mails to the freedos mailing lists when an
update is released, so I can only say "try if an update today helps
if you have any problem". I cannot say "this was fixed at time X"
or anything. His programming is certainly nice :-).

Another problem is that Japheth likes jemmex much better than the
himem plus jemm386 combination, I believe. Good point is that it
is one combined package (saves some overhead and is always compat-
ible to itself), bad point is that you cannot test the two parts
separately and cannot use classic configuration style. Users who
are used to MS DOS will have to learn more for jemmex than for a
classic himem plus jemm386 combination.

Maybe a small extra problem with jemmex: You cannot ask people to
try what happens if they keep himem but skip emm386 (for debugging
purposes), as using himem and using jemmex will mean that you use
two completely separate implementations of what himem does. No big
problem - as long as any good himem stays available :-).

I myself sometimes load jemm386 and sometimes do not, but I almost
always load himem :-).


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