Hi Japheth,

Japheth escreveu:
> Btw, in the name of how many people are you speaking exactly? And what do you 
> regard as "well tested". Because, as for me, I seriously doubt that a program 
> is "well tested" just because some dozens (or some hundreds? I have no idea 
> how big the FD user base is.) people boot FD with Himem, running their 
> favorite handfull of apps occationally and then switch back to windows/linux.

Lots of tests were done by lots of people here in the list. I understand 
your point that lots of people can mean nothing... but those test were 
of many programs running in many platforms.

Just to name one: there was one bug-for-bug fix that enabled BC31 to 
work, it was something about a register being 00h on exist of a certain 
call. The bug was by Borland, but the result is that now we can use one 
more impotant program that didn't work ;-)

I am not woried about parts that you fixed or rewrote, on the contrary, 
you have a reputaion of very good code quality. What I am woried is that 
some "compatibility fixes" could get lost.

I am planning to make a FreeDOS distro as of my own ideas. I personaly 
never had problems with emm386 since Michael's last version but I would 
like to know which is more appropriate for a "general" distribution.

Thanks for the feedback,

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