Hi Bat,

gratulations to the successfull installation! :-)

Just for the record I'd like to add, that I installed
FreeDOS 1.0 recently on a quite similar machine,
a Compaq Contura Aero 486SXJ 33 Laptop with 20 MB RAM,
no CD/DVD and only an external PCMCIA floppy drive.

Though there is no CD drive, the installation was quite
easy, following the instructions on:

I just needed to get the "fdbasecd.iso" file on C:\ ,
rename it to "fdbootcd.iso" and boot with the floppy
made from "fdboot.img" by dskcopyx.

The last days I was kind of busy getting a DOS network up
and running. There are some unsolved questions yet
(especially I miss something like a free "Samba for DOS",
so I don't have to rely on a 12 years old "MS Client")
but that's a different story.

Again gratulations and happy hacking!

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