Hello Eric,

you wrote:
>--> What you DO want to try is this: Extend YesNoBoxProc for the
>--> cases LARROW, UP, \t, RARROW and DN, and make those call 
>--> PrevFocus(wnd->extension) or NextFocus(wnd->extension) :-). 

If I undrestood you correctly, I should edit msgbox.c in this way:

-------8<--- cut here ---8<--------
--- C:\FDOS\SOURCE\EDIT\msgbox.c        2006-07-24 12:17:10.000000000 +0000
+++ msgbox.c    2007-08-08 17:36:18.000000000 +0000
@@ -40,6 +40,16 @@
                 SendMessage(wnd, COMMAND, ID_OK, 0);
             else if (c == 'n')
                 SendMessage(wnd, COMMAND, ID_CANCEL, 0);
+            else if (c == '\t')
+                NextFocus(wnd->extension);
+            else if (c == RARROW)
+                NextFocus(wnd->extension);
+            else if (c == DN)
+                NextFocus(wnd->extension);
+            else if (c == LARROW)
+                PrevFocus(wnd->extension);
+            else if (c == DN)
+                PrevFocus(wnd->extension);
             else {
                 return TRUE;
-------8<--- cut here ---8<--------

Also I removed `static' keyword from {Next,Prev}Focus definitions and
declarations in the dialbox.c...

But this does not work. When I removed `->extension' I found that Tab
works :-)  UP, DOWN, etc does not work, probably because of tolower().

> YesNoBoxProc solves your problem. EDIT compiles with Turbo C 2.01. 
I have no problems w/ Edit because I does not use it ;-)  I prefer
Freemacs, GNU Emacs and Swift Programmers Editor.

BTW, Edit have a nice bug: when I load a file w/ tabs, Edit says:
"Tabs detected in..." and displays the rotated corner. But Edit
displays small russian letter `k' (code 170) instead of char with
code 191...

Oleg O. Chukaev

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