> Is it possible to boot from a USB stick and also use
> that as the primary "hard disk"?

Yes, if you BIOS supports it... There are a few styles
of "hard disk" simulation for USB sticks, but there are
howtos on the www which explain the details. You will
have to try which styles are supported by your BIOS.

There are also howtos about installing DOS on USB stick.
Basically you mark the partition as bootable and SYS it.

Caveat is that you need some sort of FDISK with USB...
A Windows or Linux one should do the trick. The SYS is
easier - you can load a DOS USB driver to access the
partition, see other howtos online :-). Some BIOSes can
even make USB sticks visible as drives if you do not
boot from them, then you can use SYS without loading
drivers. Even a better DOS fdisk like SPFDISK or XFDISK
might work then. Last but not least, there are Linux
and Windows tools which can do SYS and other steps of
the process for you, e.g. "the HP tool for WinXP", or


Note that USB sticks do not always come with a MBR /
partition table sector which can actually boot. You
can do something like "fdisk /mbr" to fix that...

Maybe others on the list can add some nice HOWTO URLs,
or maybe you can collect some yourself and tell on the
list which ones were most useful for you :-).


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