Hi, Eric

Your 2.11c version is great!  It's just what that utility
needed to prevent confusion when using very large hard
disks.  I let 2.11b run overnight and it finished okay.  The
counter, at least, lets one know that it will take a l-o-n-g
time to finish!

Interesting twist on install routine:

I downloaded the base ISO last night and tried it, plus my
full cd, on the new computers that I have and it failed if I
let installer finish. These PC's have proprietary ATX
motherboards with PCI slots and one full-length ISA slot
that I need for my serial expansion cards, Pentium 4, 3Ghz
processor, 512Mb of RAM, one 80Gb SATA hard drive, Phoenix
Award Bios.  They are industrial computers assembled by a
company in Canada -- Option Computers. The ISA card is used
for my process control I/O

I tried all three installation options on the full cd and
the base install on the base cd.  I let the installer run to
the end and finish up but I got "illegal instruction"
warnings with a load of addresses and opcodes when
rebooting, the FreeDOS boot process halted and I never got a
command prompt.

I then tried the same installer on an old Compaq Deskpro
C400 (400mhz Celeron, which is about six years old with IDE
drives, and all installs finished okay.

The only way that I could use the installer on my new PC's
was to pick the packages that I wanted and abort the install
process when the last package was installed and before the
installer had a chance to do its final configuration.  I
then copied my configuration files from a floppy which set
the paths and loaded drivers and such. I then installed my
process control application and all is working fine.

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