Hi all, please update your dosfsck to


which now has progress in for for the -t option
which can be enabled by the -v option. If you
use -t without -v, is shows a hint "use -v" :-).

Background: The -t option of dosfsck takes ages, as it is a
full surface scan. Even worse, the scan works by FIRST test-
reading all files and directories (so you get different types
of checks for file X, then same checks for the next file, etc)
and THEN test-reading all unused clusters in linear order. So
no nice "read large chunks in block mode" or anything -> slow.

Dosfsck already had a bit of progress info during "checking
files and directories" (printed a "." every N files). Together
with the new progress info (prints "N MB done" style text),
even people who have the bad habit of using -t will no longer
think that dosfsck got stuck. It only takes long with -t ;-).

The full changelog entry is:

version 2.11.dos3 (8/2007)

 - check.c, fat.c: Added messages about -t option being slow (effectively
   a full surface scan) and added progress info in -t -v mode for that,
   printing "N MB done" after each MB of scanned free space. Used space
   is already covered by the "print a dot each N files" progress info,
   which uses 10 times more dots now if -t mode is on :-).
 - check.c, fat.c: Set timestamp for undeleted or un-lost files to a non
   zero value (1.1.2007) and set un-lost to current date/time if in DOS.

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