There is a project that is *almost* what you need:, 
it fits into one flopy, has drivers for *ALL* NICs (including new 1Gb) 
and it loads both MS-Client (which is free), has a DHCP preconfigured 
and packet driver.

It works just fine with ftp from the WatTcp project! or you can access 
any samba share!

In fact he has made that disk specially for support and mantainance


Bernd Blaauw escreveu:
> Steffen Grunewald schreef:
>> Hi,
>> we're looking for a very lightweight TCP/IP stack on top of FreeDOS.
>> We only need basic DHCP functionality (to tell the client its own IP,
>> and the one of the server) and TFTP to transfer a single file in both
>> directions. The goal is to enhance BIOS flash floppy images ...
>> Any recommendations/recipes/pointers at pre-built software? we *are*
>> aware of wattcp/watt32 but think it's already too big - at least the
>> stuff should fit onto a 2.88MB ED floppy, with the BIOS stuff that's
>> already 1.44MB.
> Hm, looks difficult. I'd suggest using PXE booting, with universal 
> packet driver
> [ ],
> no idea how big your Wattcp TFTP client program is, and if it supports 
> uploading files.
> I've never tried uploading files with DOS as OS, just used packet driver 
> + WGET (400KB)
> combined with a RAMDISK for temporary storage.
> Strange that your BIOS stuff is already 1.44MB, my latest motherboard 
> has a 8Mbit chip, which is 1MB, but that's about it,
> all other motherboards have lower BIOS disksize capacity.
> On the other hand, I could assume you let users write the current BIOS 
> to disk before writing latest BIOS file to the chip.
>> Cheers,
>>  Steffen
> Bernd

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