Jack schreef:
> In his play Henry VI, Shakespeare once noted "The first thing
> we do is kill all the lawyers"!   Still true after 400 years.
Almost would think he was living in the USA with its claim culture :)

> I am not a lawyer, and I have no wish to be one.   Anybody is
> "free" to use the source files for the UDMA/UDVD/XMGR drivers
> any way they wish.   I hope THAT is clear-enough for you all.
Thanks very much for clearing that up.
> But, my sympathy for the DOS "community" STOPS at that point!
> There are still 4 guys in Germany, one in the Czech Republic,
> one in Russia, and one in Illinois, whom I want NOTHING to do
> with, now and forever!   As for Bernd Blaauw's comments about
> me "putting aside" previous differences ...
Let me rephrase it then into 'temporarily ignoring past experiences', if 
that clears up my previous statement.
> Jack R. Ellis
Nice to hear from you again Jack, now let's put your software to good 
use by actually using it :)

enjoy your weekend,


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