Hi Vytautas,

maybe the program you want is "help"? It shows a list
of all base commands and explanations for them :-).

> hard to find programs in full distribution.

Please explain. Which programs are hard to find?
During install or after install on your harddisk?

> And I do not want to hurt developers fealings, but
> OpenGEM is useless. I found my old Norton commander

There are many free NC clones. Please try NDN (the
Necromancer DOS Navigator) and Midnight Commander
(I think there is a DOS version but where?). OpenGEM
is no file manager, it is more something like Windows 3.

http://ndn.muxe.com/dwl.php (use the "dpmi32" one for DOS)
Volkov Commander (shareware) is here:

Comparison of NC / XTREE clones, Russian, no idea what
it says but the tables look useful and the acronyms
are international anyway ;-) ...:

Midnight Commander: could somebody make a djgpp compile?

You would have to install more GEM software to make
it useful ;-) Try gem.shaneland.co.uk/fullversions.html
for a "getting started" collection of GEM software.


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