Eric Auer wrote:

> Hi Marti! Feel free to reply via the list :-)
>> - The 16 bit real mode version, runs right out of the box -
> Is this linked from the ndn page / could it be linked from the ndn page?

Yes it is ;-)

>> - the 32 bit DPMI version, requires a DPMI server -
> Freedos usually comes with cwsdpmi, which is automatically
> invoked by djgpp-compiled programs which require a DPMI
> server. Will the ndn dpmi version be happy with that or do
> you have to invoke cwsdpmi manually to make ndn happy?

Yup, I tested it and it worked flawlessly, no need to invoke CWSDPMI 

I've only had some problems extracting the RAR file, UNRAR gave a 
message "unknown method", so I extracted the files om my Kubuntu box and 
  made a ZIP file (to make it fit on an floppydisk).

If other encounter the same problems I can always upload the zip file 
some where (my homepage or such a free (temporary) file hoster).

|_|0|_| Marti T. van Lin

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