Hi all!

First off, the recent improvements to JEMM386.EXE have made
this memory manager workable for my hardware. I could not
run with previous versions or the plain FreeDOS version!
Excellent job! No more boot issues or system locks so far. 
The same is true with the DOSFSCK version 2.11c!  Very good.
The added counter for surface scans is a nice touch!
I'm thankful for the updates.  

My only remaining hurdle is with the PRINT command. The
FreeDOS version doesn't want to work like the MS equivalent
and is very, very slow in comparison when I use my Lexmark
parallel port printers.

The details:

I have a software application that uses the PRINT command as
its spooler for reports.  Some of these reports are long,
30+ pages.  I have to load "PRINT" resident in AUTOEXEC.BAT
something like this:

C:\DOS\PRINT /B:1024 /Q:4 /S:1 /D:PRN

In other words, PRINT with some command line options. This
is what the application wants per the software authors.  The
authors are long gone and I can't change it.  I have to live
with it.  Failure to run this command line before launching
the application brings "can't spool to printer" error

Now, the following command line results in nothing going to
the printer.  The application thinks that all is okay
because it sent the print job to the spooler and got no
errors. The dianostics confirm this.

C:\FDOS\BIN\PRINT /B:1024 ...

The only way that I can print is if I use the above command
line with no options, specifically:


It prints but ever so slowly compared to MS PRINT and so
slow that I really can't use it for anything but the
shortest of reports.  It can take two minutes to print a
three to five page report compared to a minute or so with

Any way I can pass this on to the PRINT side of the
project??  Anybody have any suggestions??  Again, can't
re-code the application.


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