Hi all,

I have been busy with bug 1840:

"sys a: b: requires numerous disk swaps with single floppy system"

SYS 3.2 needed at least 15 disk changes to copy kernel and
shell and write a boot sector if you had a system with only
one diskette drive and were SYSing with 1 diskette as source
and another as target ("DJ system"). This new experimental
SYS 3.3 solves the problem by first reading both files from
the source into RAM, then writing the boot sector, and then
writing both files to the target :-).

The updated SYS can be downloaded from the bugzilla page :-)

So far for the freedos-user part.

Now the freedos-devel problem: I could not figure out how
to make a working "far" or "DOS" malloc to allocate memory
blocks of more than 64 kB size from the far heap or from
DOS (remember: SYS is a com file and must use tiny model)
in the OpenWatcom case. I could only compile a working file
with Turbo C 2.01 ... Could somebody have a look and fix
this problem?

The updated sources can be updated from the bugzilla page :-)

Another problem: I cannot compile the KERNEL any more
with Turbo C 2.01, I get this error message:

Undefined symbol '_HaltCpuWhileIdle' in module dosidle.asm

Could somebody tell me how to update the sources to make
compiling work with BOTH Watcom and Borland compilers again?
Thanks :-). If possible, please do also explain how to
compile a FAT32 kernel with Borland again: It seems that
something in linking or compression changed recently, and
now I get a "TGROUP is > 64 kB" style error with FAT32, but
only with Turbo C. Either Watcom has a smaller TGROUP or it
has some automatic decision for > 64 kB / not > 64 kB...?

Happy testing and thanks in advance for your feedback and for
giving me a clue about the Watcom and Turbo C problems... :-)


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