Ray Davison escreveu:
> The labels include the drive letters, if they boot to their physical 
> position.  And that is the challenge.  Booting FreeDOS 1.0, the W2K-D 
> primary picks up the letter after any extended partitions.  With DRDOS 
> 7.01 Fat32, they hold their physical position.

Extra (more than one) primary partition get a letter after all extended 
partitions. *That*is*the*rule*. If you boot Win98 or MS-DOS or FreeDOS 
from the second (physical order) primary partition, the other primary 
will also get the last letter.

FWIK, if there is an extended partition between 2 primaries, it makes no 
differece. But I am only 90% sure of that.

Some DR-DOS version have an extra bug, it has to boot from the first 
primary partition, that one will allways be called C:


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