Eric Auer wrote:
> Hi, maybe it is useful to try SYS CONFIG to switch
> the DLASORT option to 0 or 1. Please read the docs,
> to be more exact, the config.txt file :-) Probably
> still does not behave as DR DOS, but I do remember
> that DLASORT is there because some people were not
> happy with the "behave as MS DOS" default ;-).

A search for DLASORT*.* failed to find anything on the CD or HDD.  I 
also do not find "dlasort" in config.txt.
> This option is for specifying whether Drive Letter
> Assignment should follow the normal MSDOS way of
> all primary partitions across drives and then
> extended partitions, or the more logical
> all partitions (primary & extended) on the 1st
> drive, then repeat for all following drives
> (all primary & extended, then try next drive).
> 0 corresponds to MS way and 1 corresponds to first
> drive completely, then next ...
Do you understand, C is stable.  On this drive D and E get swapped.  If 
I plug in the second HDD - which is a single extended - D is after that. 
  So, I have first primary; C, then all extended, then second primary; D 
- ignoring the primaries that are Boot Manager and the extended shells. 
  And Boot Manager is inert, C is active.


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