Hi Aitor,

> Looks good! It's nice to see a 3D version of the logo.
> Just one thing: I've seen the main logo in the site and noticed that
> its border, as much as it's mouth, is black.
> In your picture, the background is also black, so it mixes...

No it does not - actually the border IS black and the background
is transparent :-D. Just view the blinkyglossy with ImageMagick
or another transparency-aware viewer. When using it on a web page,
put it on white or light background. Maybe it would be nice to
have an index html on i4.photobucket.com/albums/y110/rixard/ ...
Cool to have a glossy version of the FreeDOS fish, thanks! :-)

I think Rugxulo should use the glossy blinky as basis for a
sample JPG and PNG file if he has viewers for that on his
new diskette distro :-)


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