Eric Auer wrote:
> Oops sorry I mean sys.txt, not config.txt ...

OK.  There is also SYS.EN.

The only SYS I know about is SYS.COM.  I have been trying;
C:\FDOS\BIN\ dlasort=X
Is this correct, and if so where do I put it?  So far all I have gotten 
is a SYS help screen.
>>Do you understand, C is stable.  On this drive D and E get swapped. If
>>I plug in the second HDD - which is a single extended - D is after that.
> This is exactly what DLASORT is about - MS DOS style is the
> default, which does all primary partitions first, but you
> can also use the other setting, which is "all partitions on
> the first HDD first" :-)

But it is NOT putting all primaries first.  It is putting the second 
after all extendeds.


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