Hi Christian,

> - FreeDOS installer is hanging if WATTCP
> configuration stops for any reason.

Yeah I would recommend to install without network, see:
You can find a list of internet-using packages here:

> - Hungarian keyboard is defunct (setting was made by the installer but
> not working)

You can try mkeyb and keyb...

> - xfdisk offers FAT32 but DEFRAG says it"s not supported (not even the
> new version of defrag)

http://users.telenet.be/imre/FreeDOS/?M=D you mean?

Most other things should support fat32. Chkdsk does not, but you
can use dosfsck instead... Mirror / unformat / undelete do not
support fat32 either, but format (!) has built-in mirror and
(limited) unformat functions which do support fat32.


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