On Monday 01 October 2007 11:17, Robert Riebisch wrote:
> Then try NCSA lpr, WATTCP lpr, or CUTCP.
Well... I guess LPR/LPQ/LPRM etc... are usefull when printing to a printer 
attached to a Linux/Unix PC. My printer is a _stand-alone_ network printer 
(it doesn't require a PC to work, it has its own IP, etc...). I doubt network 
printers supports LPR protocol... There is the JetDirect one for them (that 
is printing to their TCP/9100 port just like it would be a Centronics 

The only thing I found for now, is using the "jd.exe" program from the PPRD 
2.0 package (http://www.smashco.com/wattcp/pprd200.zip)
I load my packet driver, and then I can use the following command:

jd -H192.168.0.21 file.txt

...and I get the file.txt file printed out (my printer have the IP address set 
Obviously, it's not very handy, as I would like to print from other DOS 
programs, not only from the command line :(

I guess the best solution would be to have a TSR which is redirecting all data 
from LPT to the jd program...
The JD program can be used that way too:

ECHO This is a test | jd -H192.168.0.21

Obviously, it's still not resoving my problem... Of course I could use some 
LPT2DISK tools, then transmitting the file from the disk to JD, but it is too 
complicated to handle for everyday use, that's why I am searching a solution 
which will allow me to print just pushing the "print" button of my DOS 
printing application...
Any ideas? ;-)

Best regards,
Mateusz Viste

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