Create a bootable floppy disk.

Use Nero to create a bootable CD

Select the floppy as the source

Burn the CD


Create a bootable floppy disk.

Use WinImage (or similar) to make an image of the floppy as an *.img
Save this file to disk

Use Nero to create a bootable CD

Select the image file as the source

Burn the CD

If you add cd-rom drivers to the floppy/or image, you can then access
the rest of the CD
If you use WinImage, you can expand the size of the saved image to
2.88MB floppy, you can then add every driver you want to the boot image.

If you do this you must check expert functions in Nero and select 2.88
as the bootable image (I use this version and it works every time)


Bob Dyster

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Subject: [Freedos-user] Running FreeDOS directly from CD-ROM
withoutinstalling on HD?


I seem to have a problem running FreeDOS directly from the CD-ROM
without installing it on the HD. There is what I do:

1) Boot from the FreeDOS boot CD I have previously burned.

2) Choose "Install to HD using FreeDOS setup".

3) Choose language.

4) Choose "Run FreeDOS from CD-ROM". - OOPS! This option shows up only
when there is no partition on the HD. If there is one, this option
doesn't show up and an option to format HD shows instead.

But I don't want to format the HD, I'd just like to run FreeDOS from the
CD. What am I to do to make FreeDOS show me "Run FreeDOS from CD-ROM"
option in the menu...?

Thanks a lot someone.


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