Yup, GRUB can do this magic - I've done it before, but in that case I
let the Linux installer set up GRUB for me. I think that the key here
is chainloading. Been a while since I've coded GRUB commands by hand,
so I'll let google point you to the right method.

On 10/13/07, MegaBrutal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Glenn,
> 2007/10/13, Glenn Becker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> >
> > So I rearranged diskspace somewhat and installed FreeDOS to the first
> > logical partition on the extended one ... but I can't get it to boot.
> As far as I know, logical partitions are unbootable. But I can imagine
> that there are boot loaders that can do the magic. So you can't
> install it on a primary partition, because you have reached the
> maximum number for primary partitions.
> If your Windows XP partition is not NTFS, then you should install
> FreeDOS beside your XP. I'm using FreeDOS this way. It supports FAT32
> pretty well, but there are some programs (for example: chkdsk,
> undelete) that aren't yet support it.
> MegaBrutal

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