Hi Jim,

> that it's so small and doesn't require a lot of memory. And the nice
> thing about using emulators is that you don't have to reboot to run
> that one application that requires FreeDOS to run it. I find that
> graphics mode usually runs a little slower under an emulator compared
> to native-booted FreeDOS ... but it's not a big deal.

Note that dosemu, unless you use a 64bit kernel, does not emulate
the CPU (most of the time), so it runs significantly faster than
a classic full emulator. On the other hand, full emulators such as
qemu, bochs, vmware, virtual pc and so on today often include some
host operating system kernel drivers which let them make more use
of the real CPU and emulate less, too.

I myself use plain DOS on real hardware to test stuff but often
use DOS in DOSEMU inside Linux because then I can have several
DOS and Linux windows open at the same time. Only when I have to
debug lowlevel things, I use a full emulator like Bochs :-).


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