Hello, all.  I have not had cause to delve back into FreeDOS for some time, 
but I seem to be getting in elbow-deep again today.  This post is both to 
give feedback on the current installation setup, and to ask what else I 
might have done.

I have a Power Mac 5400 with a PC Compatibility Card installed (100MHz 
processor, 8MB RAM, 1GB virtual drive).  MS DOS 6.22 installs fine, but I 
wanted FreeDOS to work on it, so I booted to a DOS 6.22 floppy, formatted 
the virtual drive, and started over.

My first attempt was with the FreeDOS 1.0 Full Distro bootable CD burned 
from ISO.  The system did not recognize a bootable drive.

I tried a Smart Boot Manager floppy to see if that would preempt the boot 
process and recognize the CD.  It failed with a message like "Bad SMBK!"

I created and booted from the current FD boot floppy, but that fails with a 
message like "No CD or wrong CD!"

I modified the FD boot floppy to use the Mac's DOS driver for the CD (found 
in the PC Compatibility Card software), but it still failed with the same 

Then I copied FDFULLCD.ISO to C:\ and rebooted the FD boot floppy after 
undoing my changes for the Mac CD driver.  It failed again with the same 

Finally I noticed that the FD boot floppy seemed to be looking for 
C:\FDBOOTCD.ISO rather than FDFULLCD.ISO (or perhaps FDBASECD.ISO).  I 
renamed the ISO, rebooted, and a normal installation began.

Granted, this is an unusual environment.  But is there something else I 
could have done, say with the FD boot floppy, so that it would start the 
installation from the bootable CD rather than from C:\FDBOOTCD.ISO?

Also, can someone tick off a list of updates to the various base packages in 
the 1.0 distro?

--John Hupp 

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