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 >  I am having a problem installingFreeDOS 1.0, base install with source.
 >  I am runing a Dell, with a Celon CPU. 
 >  I have 160 GB HD, 2-GB of ram.
 >  I have 3 partitions, using PartitionMagic7:
 >      Windows XP home edition.
 >       Windows 2000 Pro.
 >      Dos. (1396 Meg Bite partition size)
 >  With the DOS partition active.
 >  The DOS partition was formatted using the format that comes with 
 > PartitionMagic7.
 >  The problem is that after loading FreeDOS (above version) my system freezes 
 > up.

have you tried booting from a freedos cd or putting the core of freedos 
on a floppy and booting from the floppy. that should give you an idea 
as to wether it is the install on your hd or some problem with freedos 
booting on your system that is the problem.

 >  Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.
 >  Inquirer.

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