This is my first message to the list, and for now I just want to
say * THANK YOU * to the FreeDOS team. I am very impressed by
what you have achieved.

Practically all my work is done in DOS -- and it is a lot of
work. It includes text (WordPerfect 6, Aurora) spreadsheets
(Supercalc, QuattroPro), databases (DataPerfect, Paradox),
internet (Arachne, Lynx), programming (Euphoria), image viewers,
sound players, file managers (Navigator, Connect, DC-SK), and so
on and so forth, plus the usual plethora of utilities.

I installed FreeDOS in July, and used nothing else since. In the
beginning there were many crashes of various degrees of
severity, one of them frightening. But after adjusting config
and autoexec files, and sometimes the softwares themselves,
nearly all my softwares are running smoothly.

It is a real joy for a DOS user like me to be able to work
knowing that there is a fine team that keeps improving upon DOS.

I chose to stay with DOS because Windows and Linux became too
complicated, and also because it is outrageous to dump perfectly
good computers just because they cannot run the latest giant
piece of software.

Apparently, softwares such as Jemm are not officially part of
the FreeDOS distribution, but I am using them too, so my thanks
extend to their authors as well.


Marcos Florence

Marcos Fávero Florence de Barros
Campinas, SP, Brazil

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