On Wednesday 05 December 2007, David Zabriskie wrote:
> Is there a way specify the IP's and netmask to the TCP/IP client so it can
> set itself up? something equivilent to ifconfig & route. I get stuck in the
> install process trying to get a DHCP connection to the router.  Since the 
> DHCP client never finishes, the install script can't go to the next thing
> to do. I was hoping I could specify the IPs and netmask manually to avoid
> the DHCP client's hanging.

I think you shouldn't try to install the network at FreeDOS install.
Let FreeDOS install itself offline, and once you have clean and bootable 
FreeDOS install on your disk, go into the network configuration.
No, there isn't any ifconfig/route counterparts "out of the box", you have to 
install them further.
FreeDOS (and the most of FreeDOS applications) is using the WatTCP library to 
access the network. To change your network settings you have to edit the 
WATTCP.CFG file, in which you can freely set your own IP, without relying on 

> Can FreeDOS print to a TCP/IP connected LPR server?

Yes and no.
FreeDOS doesn't have any support for network printers. Personally, I can use 
my network printer in FreeDOS, but it requires some dirty hacks ;-)
I uses the JetDirect protocol (port 9100), which is supported by most (if not 
all) LPR servers.

A paste from a previous post of mine:
To begin, there must be some software installed in the PATH:
1. WatTCP (http://www.bgnett.no/~giva/)
2. LPT2FILE (http://sac-ftp.externet.hu/utiltext15.html)
3. JD.EXE from PPRD 2.0 (http://www.smashco.com/wattcp/pprd200.zip)
4. A packet driver for your network card

I made a simple batch file, which calls the application I want to print with, 
catch all the LPT stuff to a file, and finally send the LPT file to the 
network printer:
------ [netprint.bat] ------

Now, I have just to invoke the program I want with "netprint program.exe", and 
all printing stuff will be done at the program's end. Of course, wattcp.cfg 
have to be configured according to the given LAN, and those lines have to be 
PRINTERHOST = 192.168.xxx.xxx

It's maybe not the most "elegant" way, but it works :-)
I tested that solution with the following printing software: WordPerfect 6.0, 
MS EDIT 2.0.026, PrintPartner 3.5, BannerMania 1.00, EnVision Pro 2.04, and I 
hadn't any troubles.

> Thanks

You're welcome ;-)
Mateusz Viste

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