Hi again,

> I believe the UIDE driver is indeed better, but I also
> got the impression that, as a result of a flamewar on
> BTTR, the UIDE driver is no longer open source...?

Lucho reminded me that UIDE was open source until a month
ago, so technically, porting UIDE instead of XCDROM would
have been possible. Yet I do not know what exactly the
license of UIDE was and whether it was okay for such a

Lucho also mentioned that XCDROM32 is GPL while JEMM386
has artistic license 1, and that only artistic license 2
would be compatible with GPL. I do recommend to upgrade
the JEMM386 license but I personally do think that the
XCDROM32 driver is not PART of JEMM386 itself, so there
is no big problem here. XCDROM32 is just something which
you can load via a JEMM386 mechanism. For comparison, a
DOS device driver can be loaded via DEVICE= by a GPLed
DOS kernel even if the driver itself is not open source.

> I know that you and Japheth are both capable programmers...
> but also that that does not make you immune to flamewars ;-).

Maybe some people misunderstood this. By immune I meant
that you have to be an expert in diplomacy to be able to
discuss everything with everybody without getting offended
or angry or otherwise frustrated... I meant that being a
computer expert does not make you a diplomacy expert :-).


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