as nobody has replied on the list yet, maybe it helps if I translate...

> Recibo muchos correos diariamente preguntando sobre WinDos, esto es muy
> bueno para me, pero a la mayoria no los entiendo que preguntan.

"I received lots of mails every day asking about windos, which is very
good for me, but in most cases I do not understand what they ask."

Probably because it is in English? Try this:
http://babelfish.altavista.com/ here you can paste some text and get
it translated from English to CN JP FR DE NL IT Greek KR JP PT RU and
of course Spanish, from all those languages to English, and from most
of them to French. You can also paste an URL to translate a web page.

"Utilice Babelfish para traducir ingles al espaol!"

> Estoy haciendo una aplicacion que puede ejecutar desde WinDos el
> Command.Com version 0.82 pl 1 de FreeDOS.

"I have been making a program which can run the FreeCOM command.com
version 0.82 pl 1 of FreeDOS from within windos" (why not 0.82pl3 or
even 0.84...?)

> Hasta ahora va muy bien puesto que puedo ejecutar algunos programas
> ordinarios de DOS desde una Ventana de WinDos.

"Until now it works very good I can run some DOS programs in a window
of windos."

> Ejemplo de programas DOS ejecutados desde WinDos.

"Examples of DOS programs running in windos"

>      pkunzip
>      unzip32
>      dn (dos navigator)
>      vsafe

I recommend using fdshield instead :-p

>      doslfn

You should load doslfn BEFORE windos, because it is a driver.

> y la mayoria de las ordenes internas de command.com 0.82 pl 1 de
> FreeDOS.

"and the majority of the built-in / internal commands of [freecom
command.com 0.82pl1 of freedos]"

> Espero terminar muy pronto y que se puedan ejecutar todos los programas
> ordinarios de DOS desde la ventan de WinDos.

"I hope to finish this soon and to be able to run all the DOS programs
from within windos"

> Bien lo termine y vea que es una version estable, te lo envio.

"When I finish this and see that it is a stable version,
I will let you know / send it"

I think that interested users can already ask you for a copy
of the experimental version now :-).


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