I'm not sure if this is "off-topic" for the freedos-user list. If so, let me 
know or ignore this message. My apologies if this is the case.

I have an XP machine and am booting into real dos from a floppy, a usb flash 
card becoming my c drive.

I'm running the MS tcp/ip network client/server, as the djgpp project I'm 
working on needs network access and I also want internet access from real dos 
so I'm running tests with the htget watt-32 application prior to incorporating 
watt-32 in the project [libSocket works fine from a windos box only].

On its own, the network client works fine; minus the network client, htget 
works fine: I can grab a page from another machine on the LAN running an Apache 
web server.

However, when I run the network client and watt-32 app together, htget reports 
"no arp reply", "cannot get connected."

The card I'm using is a Realtek 8139 fast ethernet card and the network client 
loads the ndis card driver rtssnd.dos. If I don't load anything else, watt-32 
reports "no packet driver found", so in a bat run at bootup, I'm loading 
rtspkt.com (on 0x61). I'm too much of a novice to know if it's right to load 
both the card driver and the packet driver.

Any ideas, folks? Thanks in advance. If this subject is on-topic then I can 
send the relevant config. details.

With good wishes,
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