Eric Twose schrieb:
> The card I'm using is a Realtek 8139 fast ethernet card and the network 
> client loads the ndis card driver rtssnd.dos. If I don't load anything else, 
> watt-32 reports "no packet driver found", so in a bat run at bootup, I'm 
> loading (on 0x61). I'm too much of a novice to know if it's right 
> to load both the card driver and the packet driver.

Maybe the following works:

1. Download the DIS_PKT at 

2. Unpack it and copy the file dis_pkt.dos into the directory where 
your other network interface card drivers and MS Client files are 
located (I am assuming C:\NET).

3. Open PROTOCOL.INI and insert these lines:


(I am assuming that the [section] that defines your network card is 
called [RTSND]. Change it, if this is incorrect.)

4. If you startup MS Client by DEVICEHIGH=IFSHLP.SYS in CONFIG.SYS, 
you are done here.
If you start it instead by these two lines in CONFIG.SYS:
add a third line:

This should be all. You don't have to load a separate packet driver.

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