Hi Alain,

Alain M. schrieb:
>> (PROTMAN.DOS, PROTMAN.EXE) and the Bind utility (NETBIND.COM). This is 
>> unfree software, the files are included in MS Client, LAN Manager and Co.
> Here I disagree. MS-Client is free software, even if not GPL or 
> distributable. But it can be used along with free software: include a 
> small batch-or-script that 1) downloads the original files with wget, 2) 
> extract what is neeed, 3) once there, anyone can "intenaly distribute" 
> his copies. This is legaly within the licence limits.

Yes, sorry, I meant free as in FSF not as in free beer. I also think 
the above would be perfectly legal. It would be a good idea anyway if 
the user sees the license before he downloads MS software, at least 
when FreeDOS is involved (which he could assume to be free as in FSF).

Another thought: The download of the MS files should be initiated with 
or directly after the *download* of the main software (bootdisk, 
network application, whatever) and NOT with the *start* of this 
software. Otherwise the user could be in a catch-22 situation (he'd 
have to download a file to be able to download files).

> We (Andreas and I) have losta a lot of time with Watt-32, I recommend 
> WatTcp which is small and fast. Unfornunatly WatTcp is 16 bits, I don't 
> know if it is feasible to por it to WatcomC compiler.

This is an interesting point for me, as I am not a programmer and have 
no practical experience with these libraries - I only use them when 
they are already working in an application. Thanks for the inside view!

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