On Thursday 20 December 2007 23:03:14 Eric Auer wrote:
> Hi Aniruddha,
> > > I try to install FreeDOS on an old Compaq but unfortunately the
> > > installation hangs at "Configuring DHCP". Is this a known bug?
> > > How can this be fixed?
> >
> > The only way I could leave was shutting down the pc (ctrl+C didn't work)
> This is a known problem. If you do a FULL (not only base) install,
> several packages will be downloaded from internet, but it is not
> at all easy for FreeDOS to automatically configure the internet.
> It often hangs. I think it should not be done like that by default.

Thank you for your answer. I didn't find a base install option though. How do 
I activate it?



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