I use MS Network Client with the NetBEUI protocol only, in to be able to
transfer files to the FreeDOS PC.
Everything works perfectly except that if I copy files from another PC into
the FreeDOS PC it is painfully SLOW! (100kb/sec)
I don't know why it happens, here is what I discovered so far:

1) If I connect FROM the FreeDOS PC to the other PC to copy the files, it
flies! (~3MB/sec)
2) Copying files from the FreeDOS PC to another PC, flies as well and in
both directions (copying them FROM the FreeDOS PC to the other PC and
connecting from the other PC TO the FreeDOS PC to do it).
3) If I copy the files to a RAM Drive instead of, say the drive C:, it flies
also so I believe that

a) FreeDOS has some sort of issue writing to the hard-disk "in background"
(which is what happens when you copy files from another PC to it)
b) The MS Client drivers are somewhat "buggy" and there are a lot of packet
losses while receiving them.

Another thing: suppose I start copying 100mb to the FreeDOS PC via the other
PC (100kb/sec)...
If I do ANY operation to the disk, say, read a directory for example, I get
a "PANIC: more than two near fnodes requested at the same time!" message,
and the systems halts.
This comes from the get_near_f_node(void) function in fatfs.c
What happens if I disable that warning? Will I get data loss even if I try
to READ from the disk while it is writing stuff that comes from the network

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