Hi Blair,

> > 1) downloaded "fdbasecd.iso"
> > 2) used MagicISO to add two files to its structure (it is the bios flash 
> > utility and new bios)
> > 3) saved the "fdbasecd.iso" and burned it without any problems.
> I don't think that fdbasecd.iso has the LiveCD part.  Download
> fdbasews.iso or any of the fdfull??.iso to get the LiveCD available
> as a boot option.

Well the fdbasecd does not contain the LiveCD in the
meaning of "all basic DOS tools useable on CD", but
it does contain a minimal DOS with a kernel and a
command.com, and that is enough for running the BIOS
flash tool :-).

I think it would not hurt to give even FreeDOS 1.1
"fdbasecd" the LiveCD part. Would of course make the
small ISO a bit bigger, maybe 3-5 MB, but it will
still be less than 15 MB while "fdbasews" is 50 MB
and "fdfullcd" and "fdfullws" are 150 and 240 MB,
respectively. The 1.0 "fdbasecd" is 8 MB now, but
if you want a really small distro, get one which
is only pure DOS without any zips / installer ;-).

I recommend the tiny Rugxulo diskette distro for that:

> http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/

Also contains some other downloads like "turn diskette
image into bootable cdrom image", OpenWatcom C and
DJGPP C mini distros, updated FreeDOS kernels... :-).

Enjoy :-).


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