Hi Japheth,

[On Mon, 31 Dec 2007, Japheth wrote]
> is there, it's the "Year's End Edition":
> http://www.bttr-software.de/forum/forum_entry.php?id=2808

Thanks and happy new year :-)


[Japheth wrote on the BTTR forum]
>    my favorite project, DEBUG, has got an update (mostly bugfixes):
>    - several bugfixes for A and U handling 32bit code segments.
>    - bugfix: U split lines if instruction size exceeded 6.
>    - bugfix: M didn't work with "upper bound" ranges.
>    - change: in 32bit code segments, U displayed ECX as first operand
>      for LOOPx to
>    indicate that ECX is used instead of CX. Now a 'D' is attached to
>    the opcode (LOOPxD, x=Z|NZ|E|NE) instead.
>    - bugfix: A didn't choose the short (=signed) form of arith
>    instructions (adc, add, ...) if E/AX was first operand.
>    http://www.japheth.de/dwnload4.html

PS: There is also a new edition of my CPULEVEL tool -->
cpulevel2007.zip ... Nothing spectacular, just nicer
and more verbose output and almost 2 kB UPXed now :-).

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