Hi Kenneth,

> Would love to get this up and running on subject computer.
> Seems to hang on ?net? setup ? after installing all paces.

My standard suggestion is:

"I would recommend to install without network, see:
You can find a list of internet-using packages here:

Only a few packages use the network during install.
You can install those later with fdpkg or simply
with unzip. For example Arachne has a nice network
config wizard which is more flexible than what you
get during install of FreeDOS itself...

> Dell Inspiron 2500
> 20G hard drive
> 3.5? floppy in removable (can also replace w/DVD-RW drive
> CD-RW drive internal
> 512 M ram
> NIC/Modem PCI card
> 900 MHz Celeron processor

Sounds nice. The distro contains a collection of NIC drivers
but your Modem might be Winmodem / not supported by DOS.
Driver links: www.freedos.org/freedos/links/ - in particular
the Crynwr and Sioux collections are quite useful imho.

> Have tried:
> 1) Accepting all ?detected? promp
> 2) Configuring from user prompts

Unfortunately, somebody forgot to add a prompt for
nameserver configuration here...!

> 3) Editing net.??? Config file

Try editing wattcp.cfg instead ;-)

Some longer guide for setting up network in complicated
cases, for example if you only have ODI or NDIS drivers
but no packet driver, or if you want to use network
shares of Windows servers or write networked software:


Enjoy :-)


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