> I replaced HIMEM and EMM386 by HIMEMX and JEMM386 today (I am running FreeDOS 
> 1.0). Unfortunately, it hangs my PC. The system is booting okay, but when I 
> use the PC, it displays an error message "Jemm386: exception 08 occured 
> at..." and various hex numbers.
> It never happens (so far) when I use a game/program, but always at the 
> command 
> prompt (for example, after a "DIR" command, or "CD ..", etc...). The PC hangs 
> sometimes immediately after the booting, but sometimes it works even half an 
> hour.
> Any idea what is the problem? What's an "Exception 08"?

Exc 08 is a "double fault", but this is "unusual" and there is a good chance 
that it is in fact an IRQ 0 (timer interrupt). Current Jemm disables 
interrupts in protected-mode (this will partially change in next release), so 
an IRQ 0 shouldn't happen at all, but who knows. To decide that it's an IRQ 0 
or a true Exc 08, the Jemm register dump (at least the value displayed after 
ERRC=) will help.

Did you read the "troubleshooting" section in readme.txt? If such problems 
occur, the first thing to do is to run Jemm with the "safest" configuration 
(X=A000-FFFF ...) and see if the error persists.

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