On Wednesday 02 January 2008, Japheth wrote:
> so an IRQ 0 shouldn't happen at all, but who knows. To decide that it's an
> IRQ 0 or a true Exc 08, the Jemm register dump (at least the value
> displayed after ERRC=) will help.

There it is: "Jemm386: Exception 08 occured at: ... ERRC = 00110B40Col:1"

The "08" error isn't the only one I am getting. I am getting some "09" too 
(I'd say about 75% of "08" and 25% of "09"). It happens that I get even 
some "74", but only when I use Necromancer's DOS Navigator.
The most persistent one is still "08" anyway.

> Did you read the "troubleshooting" section in readme.txt? If such problems
> occur, the first thing to do is to run Jemm with the "safest" configuration
> (X=A000-FFFF ...) and see if the error persists.

Yes, I read it. So far, that's what I tried:
- Disabling/enabling EMS support,
- Bypassing the loading of my SB drivers,
- Bypassing the loading of the XCDROM driver,
- Using the STABLE kernel instead of the UNSTABLE one I was using until now,
- Disabling/enabling the A20 emulation,
- Excluding all the "unsafe" memory areas (X=A000-FFFF),
- Loading Jemm as "JEMM386 X=A000-FFFF NOHI NOVME NOINVLPG".

None of these operations helped.

If I use the classic "EMM386.EXE NOEMS X=TEST SB", the system isn't hanging 

Of course, I am testing all that on the lastest JEMM release (Jemm 5.68).

Best regards,
Mateusz Viste

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