My Isolinux "buildcd" folder is 7/13/2006.  My "Data" folder is 9/5/2006.  I 
examined the "index of files" on the ftp site and the latest file was 9/5/2006. 
When I use grub from my various cd booting attempts I have been putting in  
"root  (hd" followed by the tab key.  It only completes with (hd0,0).  I think 
that is my computer and not the cd.  Since you don't seem to be getting this 
error again after you changed the isolinux could it be something peculiar about 
my computer?

I downloaded again from the ftp site and even did a md5sum check.  It still 
hung up at the same point


This message might be generated by ISOLINUX: We use this boot loader
to load "memdisk" which is loaded as if it were a Linux kernel, and
which gets a (in our case compressed) diskette image as "initrd".
The memdisk is a bootable ramdisk from which we boot FreeDOS and load
cdrom drivers to access the rest of the LiveCD... The menu item for
DOS in our isolinux.cfg file is "fdos", the disk image is fdboot.img.
When you boot the image, you would get messages about kernel sys
(or maybe metakern) but not about a file called "fdos", which is why
I guess that you have a problem with the isolinux step...

Did you make sure to use the "remastered" 1.0 ISO of FreeDOS?
Unfortunately, we had an ISO with bad ISOLINUX configuration
online for months. It just failed to boot on many BIOSes...


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