Alain you stated:
I googled a lot on this subject: it seems that it is not possible to 
boot from a CD when you are in grub. I have successfully booted floppy, 
changed active partition from grub and even swap disks in such a way 
that WinXP boots from the second disk...

I have already tested that using the tab key in grub ignores the CD, so 
if you only get hd0,0 it is because there is only on disk with only one 
Your interpretation of what I was observing makes tons of sense.  I have 
knocked my head against the wall on this and have to say you must be right on 
this one.  The live CD's are not just using the grub with an initrd and a 
kernel.  They have to have a big work around on this one.  Thanks so much for 
your posting.  I have been trying to do what can't be done the way I was doing 
it.  I just have to find some other way of accomplishing my CD Boot.  In SUSE 
Linux in their administrative documentation they talk about using grub and the 
CD boot.  I think that their documentation has a serious problem because they 
say to label the cd as root.  As you distinctly stated and my working with grub 
demonstrated the CD isn't recognized even thought that is where the grub is.

Thanks so much for your interpretaton.


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