Hi Chris,

>>> Can Freedos run ndiswrapper?

No. Ndiswrapper is a linux program that enables the Linux kernel to 
use NDIS drivers (drivers written for Microsoft Windows).

In contrary to Linux, DOS itself doesn't provide networking. 
Networking is built either right into the applications or into an 
external TCP/IP kernel.

Most of these applications use "packet drivers", a driver 
specification developed in the early eighties. Other sorts of drivers 
are ODI (Novell) or NDIS (Microsoft).

As Eric wrote, there is a wrapper called DIS_PKT9 that allows to use 
NDIS version 2 drivers (extension: ".DOS") as packet drivers. Other 
wrappers are available for ODI drivers, if you have one of these. Look 
at lazybrowndog.net/freedos for more info.

I can't help with USB, sorry. But for wireless PCMCIA cards check 
Orinoco 802.11b cards with the wlan42.com ODI driver, they seem to 
work in DOS. (see: <www.proxim.com/support/techbulletins/TB-051.pdf>)


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