On Friday 28 December 2007, someone wrote:
> I am running freedos on a DTK 486 DX2-66 board with AMI bios.
> It crashes when I type y to apply any update.
> gs: sel=00bf base=00000000 limit=0010ffff
> ss: sel=0033 invalid
> App stack: [000f06c8..000706cc] Exceptn stack: [000705f8..0006e6b8]

Sorry for the late answer...

There is very little chances that the bug comes from FDUPDATE, as there is 
no "potentially dangerous" code in it. I cannot really help there, as I'm not 
an expert on such "low level" stuff. Maybe Eric or Japheth would know what 
those hex numbers are about... (?)
FDUPDATE 0.51 is using WGET to download data from internet, and I think that 
the bug is sourcing from WGET or your DPMI environement.

Do WGET as a stand-alone application works for you? Are you using the latest 
EMM / JEMM driver? Optionally, you should install CURL and try the FDUPDATE 
v0.52 (you can configure it to use CURL instead of WGET).

Mateusz Viste

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