> PS: The CTS Toasted 1996 ctstoast demo runs okay in LFB
> mode if CWSDPMI is resident or if you use DOSEMU, but I
> promise you that I did not write CTS Toasted and did not
> ask the authors to give it the same bug as PCXTEXT ;-).

I don't understand what you are talking about. There was a bug in your program 
which remained undetected because it ran by chance in CWSDPMI/DosEmu. That 
doesn't mean at all that programs NEED to have this bug "implemented" to make 
them run in CWSDPMI/DosEmu.

Now, after the PCXTEST thing has turned out to be a non-issue (as fas as 
Jemm/hdpmi are concerned), let's return to the original problem: your 
mysterious program which runs with Himem, but refuses to run in Jemm/FD 
Emm386. You told us a very vague result ("things work better with DR EMM386") 
and then swept this thing under the carpet. So, after my experience with 
PCXTEST, I may ask: why don't you provide a download link for THIS unknown 
program, so that I can run it under MS Emm386 and/or check otherwise what the 
problem is.

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