Thanks for your fast answer Ulrich,

I took a look at the article written in German ; German used to be my 
first foreign language I learned at school, but since I dont practive 
anymore , it should take me a few hours to see if it is usefull to me.

I also downloaded yesterday the tool from "netbootdisk". Very 
interesting and powerful. I feel that one of the aswer to my problem is 
the "" which is a part of the FreeDos distribution. It can 
load .sys drivers from comand-line after the config.sys step. This tool 
seems to be quite magic : so many netcard drivers can stand on 1 single 
floppy-disk ! unfortunately the compression-tool is not GPL nor 
open-source nor available under Linux.

Thanks for all !
Have a nice year 2008 !

Ulrich Hansen a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Xavier asks about network configuration with MS Client on 
> As it is a public question, I would like to forward this here. Perhaps 
> some of you have additional ideas or corrections? Thanks! :-)
> -------

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