FAQs: technically: yes. But practically: no, you cannot. These are
stored in a heirarchical system on Eric's FD-DOC web site. The
organization is straightforward so you could read them offline if you
were willing to sort through the followups (one per file). However,
there is no single link that allows you pick them all up at once.

The technotes (and Newsitems) on the www.freedos.org web site: before
now, no one has asked for an ability to download the technotes (or
Newsitems) as a separate download, so I have not created anything to
let you do that. But this isn't much different than the entire web
site mirror I once offered (i.e. for mirror sites, when we were much
larger and bandwidth was an issue.) So I've just created a CGI that
lets you download all the technotes at once (and another CGI to
download the Newsitems, if you so wish.)


Note that because the technotes and Newsitems refer to a generic
stylesheet, you will not see the styles when reading these locally.
But that should not be an issue for readability.


On 1/8/08, HCL BA <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Hello,
>  I want to read the FreeDOS FAQs and the technical notes offline.
>  I make this request because my online time is so limited.
>  Can I get the archive if available?

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