Hi Flox,

> 1) 4DOS in FreeDOS 1.1: Will it - the package - have the structure
> of directory as the other programs? Or not? (freecom is in the
> root-directory...)

You are right - FreeCOM should be moved to the BIN directory.
At the moment, a FreeCOM in your own selected language is made
(by concatenating two binary blobs) during install,  which is
then allowed to replace the original FreeCOM from the package.
Both original and localized FreeCOM should be put into BIN.

> *) In both cases it should be available via freedos's new update.
> It has so _many_ features that it is important for FreeDOS 1.1.

I agree - but it should NOT be the default COMSPEC.

> *) And - maybe the configuration should change: Win97LFN=yes
> if for using with DOSLFN

I assume you mean Win98LFN? If this is a config option of 4DOS,
well, sure, enable it. I guess it will automatically ignore LFN
as long as DOSLFN is not loaded anyway :-).

> 4) Will it be possible, that FreeDOS's update can start a specific
> file (+parameters) after unzipping a package? I ask, porque that
> would make it possible to start installation-files. (for example
> an installation-file which configure 4DOS after unzipping).

This was already possible with FreeDOS 1.0 FDPKG and TEXTINST as
far as I remember. Contact Blair if you want to know which file
name you have to use for such automatic batch files and how they
should behave.

> 5) And...as always: I vote for using 4DOS as main command-
> interpreter and freecom as optional. ;-)

I vote AGAINST this. While 4DOS is very fancy, it is not very
similar to MS COMMAND.COM - and 4DOS uses more resources. You
could put a 4DOS COMSPEC into config sys and comment it out,
so people will see the hint each time when they edit config sys.
Or you could even add a config sys menu option for 4DOS :-).

> *) Btw: I would find it usefull to install DOSLFN as default.
> DOSLFN + 4DOS are working smoothly for me...

Actually I almost NEVER load DOSLFN, because it eats too much RAM
and because I have no long-named files anyway. I basically only
load it when I run MPXPLAY, and I only run MPXPLAY at the rare
moments when it is acceptable to play only music without being
able to do anything else with the PC at the same time. I usually
prefer to use a small (40g) hardware MP3 player when I "only want
to listen to mp3", but the hardware player cannot do OGG... ;-).

Of course it would be an idea to have a DRDOS style DLL or some
JEMM386 style J-something which loads DOSLFN outside DOS space.


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