Flox did some testing and found out that the stick boots as
A: drive with 30*255*63 geometry (235 MB), type 0x10 (ATAPI)
without disk change check.  Because of the latter, LBACACHE
does not cache that "floppy", but I can change the cache to
accept "diskettes" without change check if they are of ATAPI
type or if they have more than 2 heads, for example :-).

Please contact me off-list if you want to help with testing.

> There MIGHT be an even easier way.  With some newer BIOS's,
> you can boot FreeDOS (from CD or a floppy) with the stick
> plugged in and the stick will be mapped to C: or D: by the
> BIOS.  If that happens, you can use FreeDOS to write the
> boot sector (SYS C: or SYS D:) and install it directly from FreeDOS.
> This seems to work on newer computers more often than not.  It's
> a lot easier than dealing with the HP Tool.

Dunno, I think Flox was quite happy with the HP tool :-) But
good to know that newer BIOSes have such good USB support.
I guess they even have fast USB 2 speed for USB sticks :-).
Of course I myself also like my Linux FreeDOS-SYS tool...


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